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We offer effective, high-quality, on-demand mental, personal, somatic health care to help people feel better faster.
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Navigating Relationship Challenges with Expert Counselling and Therapy.

Tracy is well equipped to working with anyone who is truly ready to forge a new pathway.

Years of Professional & Personal Experience

Anyone wanting to rid themselves of unwanted or archaic belief systems no longer serving them and often creating havoc. If change is what you desire, you’re in the right place. If you’re not yet ready, bookmark this page for when you are ready. After starting out in the Electronics & sales industry 30 years ago, creating an entertainment business whilst raising 3 children as a single parent then moving into personal and family health support.

We support people to navigate relationship challenges, through relationship counselling, Couples Therapy and Couples Sex Therapy Course.

Tracy has now come full circle and bringing vast experience, into the corporate world assisting peope smash their goals, whatever they maybe – using mind, body, unconscious mind – to create a complete, holistic, and long-lasting change; whether that be ensuring key management personnel values align with company values, sales performance enhancement or effective communication strategies – Explode your company performance & team working abilities.

This environment especially requires fluid & seamless change and evolution – are you ready? Tracy Louise has over 15 years’ experience in spiritual healing, body awareness, behavioural cognitive therapy (primarily around addiction), co-dependency behaviour and sexual dysfunction. She has studied mind & body medicine, Diploma of Counselling, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Sexology and Certificate in Embodied Counselling, amongst various other trainings & experience.


Central to my philosophy is the conviction that every aspect of our being is interwoven through the nervous system and the unconscious mind. By exploring and understanding these connections, we open doors to profound self-awareness and transformative growth.Join me on this beautiful odyssey of understanding, growth, and transformation. Here, every moment is an invitation to discover more about ourselves.

Certified Sexological Bodyworker:

Through understanding our most intimate physical selves, we can unlock avenues of personal growth and connection. I've honed my skills to be your guide through this deeply personal exploration.

Embodiment Coach:

We are more than our thoughts; we are the sum of our experiences. As an Embodiment Coach, I'm here to help you deeply connect with and inhabit every fibre of your being.

Somatic Sexologist:

The realm of somatic sexology offers a blend of the physical and psychological, focusing on our sexual experiences and expressions. Let's navigate these pathways together for a richer understanding of self.

Mental Health Specialist:

Emotional and psychological well-being underpins so much of our daily experience. I provide expertise and support to ensure these vital areas of health are nurtured and prioritized.

Master of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP):

With the tools of NLP, we can reshape our perspectives, beliefs, and ultimately, our realities. I'm here to guide you through these transformative techniques.
• Hypnotherapy • EMDR Practitioner • Counsellor and Coach

Personalized Pathways:

Every individual has a unique narrative and journey. That's why I'm deeply committed to co-creating personalized programs with my clients, ensuring that the pathways we embark on together yield the very best outcomes.

Holistic Approaches for All Realms of Life:

From the privacy of one's personal life to the dynamics of the corporate world, I've witnessed firsthand the deep interplay between the two. What transpires in the bedroom can indeed influence what unfolds in the boardroom, and understanding this connection is crucial for holistic well-being.



Client-centered therapy prioritizes the client's autonomy, empathy, and unconditional positive regard, fostering a supportive environment for self-exploration and growth.



Confidential services uphold strict privacy standards, safeguarding sensitive information and fostering trust between clients and providers through secure and discreet practices.



Efficient solutions optimize resources, minimize waste, and streamline processes to achieve maximum productivity and desired outcomes in a timely manner.



Secure solutions prioritize data integrity, confidentiality, and protection against unauthorized access, ensuring peace of mind and trustworthiness for users.

Our Belief

Tracy Louise is passionate about working with people struggling with complex life struggles such as anxiety, grief, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality issues. She has a caring and compassionate disposition, is open and honest and creates a safe, relaxed, and secure, nurturing environment with a non-judgemental attitude.

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The Relationship Counseling

As an executive seeking a life coach, I was looking for something authentic and professional. I did so much research on many life coaching platforms and in many regions as well. NLP seemed to be the most authentic and professional one to go with…I have no regrets in choosing them.

David Warner
Executive Pulse

I am so grateful that I came across Executive Pulse. I did a lot of research on life coaching platforms, in many regions, but INLP was the most authentic and professional one to go with. INLP has helped me so much with my mental health.

Johnis Kobra
Executive Pulse

I just wanted to say that Executive Pulse has been a true game changer for me. I don’t know what I would have done without it!

Mina Mondal
Executive Pulse
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